Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giant Lego Man washes ashore

So recently we have random human foot washing ashore, but now a giant lego-man fell off his giant lego ship and drowned. His carcass has finally washed ashore and surprised youngins' at a beach. WTF huh? why did a giant lego wash ashore...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Which Ronaldo to Retire?

TSN, a well respected sports website, television channel, and organization in general should look at their staff and re-evaluate some of their knowledge in sports. A company strictly dedicated to sports has an employee post up false pictures which compromises the validity of the site as well as company.

At first I was shocked to see a picture of Christiano Ronaldo and the headline that he wants to join Flamengo next year, and as I keep reading, Ronaldo is continously being referred to and talks of him retiring is also brought up in the article. I was shocked to see and hear about the news thinking they are talking about Christiano Ronaldo due to the picture of him on the page. The whole thing ended up being a sham as they were referring to Ronaldo the Brizilian.
One tip TSN, hire a person who actually knows something about sports instead of a random bum to post up irrelevant pictures to stories.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama and McCain Mask

Still having trouble deciding what to wear for Halloween? Why not dress up as the two most popular people in the world right now - Obama and McCain. Amazon is selling these masks and what is even more messed up is when you search "terrorist costume," the mask of Obama appears. I know his association with William Ayers has been much publicised, but being labelled as a terrorist? Cmon America...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

SNL hurting Sarah Palin?

So is Saturday Night Live hurting Sarah Palin or helping her cause.
I guess we will find out if any publicity is good publicity soon, but imho, being labelled a barbie, clueless, uneducated, doesn't really help your cause especially when you are running for vice presidency.

Racist Journeys Employee

So this angry employee decided to print a racial slur on the returning receipt when a young African-American male returned his shoes from Journeys after finding a cheaper price at another store.

Full article here