Friday, March 29, 2013


Hey, ninjas get hungry for McNuggets too!
(That's a ninja customefrom the Japanese manga Naruto btw)

Awkward Moment

Your wallpaper of the month. Do it. Right click and save this image and be glad for everyday that you're alive!

New tech isn't always better

Sometimes old school is still the right way to go! Most expensive use of duct tape ever I bet!

Long-live Canucks!

I don't know who this is but she's a Canucks fan and from Vancouver so she's getting a shoutout!

Those Aussies....

But I'd say they know more about USA geography than me already! I'd probably have a few more "I don't knows" than them : p

Bubble tea.....

I dunno what this is but it looks AWESOME. Ok I lied I know what this is, it's my new comic strip that I've started on Tapastic!! So check it out and give some shoutouts if you like it!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brrr.... I need some custom cat boots

Too cute here. Not sure if the cat think this is cool... but us humans sure do.
Sorry kitty ur pain is our gain

Bacon flavored everything

Bacon flavored condoms and bacon flavored mouthwash... PERFECT MATCH!
First the ladies can... umm... use their mouth for some bacon tasting... and then use bacon mouth wash to clean it! win win and win.
MMMMmmmmmm Bacon....

Who wouldn't want a 6pack?

I know I do, and so does my gf. But just incase I never end up achieving it, I've just found my Plan B.

Learn a few things everyday (8)

Keep learning, get brighter each day and impress that girl next to you in the bar next time!

Must've been fun -- it's those i-wish-i-was-there moments about being slow. I think people got impatient thus the unclassifying.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bacon makes everything better

Bacon makes anything more wonderful by 265%, right? Well...I do love my bacon and my coffee but I am not sure how my stomach will like it.

(YES! They DO exist as an item on the menu from Moore's Coffee in Seattle.)

Poor, poor soul

I thought I was having a bad day, then I saw this and KABAM, I felt so sorry for this poor buddy.
Like they say, someone else wil always have a shittier day than you so be happy! : D

the ideas lost...

Bet ya'll experienced this one time or the other! So learn, jot them down ASAP when the jewel appears! Hence we've started a new blog here on our brightest, most brilliant, and valuable ideas that hit us during shower times (mostly).

Check it out! We promise to keep it fresh and going with so much awesome ideas you'll with we had a book, a TV show, a website, and worked for Apple!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deleted Scene from Toy Story 3

Never saw this one cuming. Woody has a competition now for a favorite.

That is SEXAY.

oooo that's hot
oooo that's "huge"
oooo that's sexy
yes yes, VERY nice curves
the black turns me on
look at the perfect skin color
I wish i could get a piece of it...
I wish the hands would get out of the way so I could see more...

I'm talking about the SonyEricsson Phone w905 guys, get your head out of the gutter.  Huge was referring to the 8.1 megapixel camera that it has =P (you gotta admit that's huge for a cell).

oooo that's extremely hot....

(for you all horny bastards, checkout our favorite Eye Candies board on Pinterest!)

Image from

Woa....just WOA

Miracles DO exist.

Transformers, rollout!

It's time to kick some ass. Meet bumble bees BFF / partner

Child hood idols

Roaming my streets, not saving lives, but still looking good!

Screw the Chocolate

Literally......I WANT IT. Good pickup gift for hinting something? Hehe

Mist of the Pandarian!

Only in Asia m sure....look at those puffy pandas (dogs)!! I feel bad for them...where's the animal rights? But ironically it also gets them more love this way even!?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nipple? Lid? Handle? 18+ lid?

How the heck did they come up with this name is beyond me. It is basically the "handle" of the lid but they decided to call it a nipple.
Sure it does look like one but doesn't make much sense.
Please... if you are looking for porno.. anything 18+.. nipple related... underaged girls... you are at the WRONG PLACE! unless you're into kitchen accessories.

Drinks...and their homes

There's sooo many things cool but wrong with this pic....makes me thirsty though!

I could eat those socks

No....not really. But if I could I would.
(If you don't know what this is, it's the packaging of a real famous Korean instant noodle. Just too bad it won't save you during starvation)